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Grant application counselling, application writing

Grant application counselling, application writing

Our service includes free grant application counselling, pre-rating, the review of suitability, strategy and the application, as well as the drawdown of funding.

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Free grant application counselling

  • In the light of the business objectives of our clients, a funding map is worked out.
  • The process of the grant scheme is presented and explained (fair information services, ensuring the transparency of processes).

Free grant programme pre-rating, the review of suitability in the given grant scheme

  • Review of suitability in the given grant scheme as per the criteria of the grant programmes included in the funding map (on the level of both the applicant and project).

Elaboration of the grant funding strategy

In view of the basic objectives, circumstances of the client company, we select the optimum solution in a tailor-made manner from among the grant application opportunities. An essential condition of successful and long-term cooperation is forging mutual trust right at the onset. In the first phase of counselling, you talk, and we listen. Our goal is to become thoroughly familiarized with the client and its activities. With full-scale privacy, we have an overview of the client’s economic indicators, financial situation, plans and opportunities.

The grant application is not identical to the project. In possession of a viable project and strong, detailed application, success can be taken for granted. On the other hand, a poor project will not be awarded even if the grant application has been prepared correctly. It means that in the course of the preparation of the grant application project management needs to be dedicated special attention. Funds are not distributed automatically – success calls for a firmly grounded project accompanied by precise background documentation.

For a well-prepared project, on the other hand, the relevant grant scheme offering the most favourable conditions needs to be identified.

When setting up grant scheme monitoring, the following aspects are considered:
  • What is the purpose of the development?
  • What means are required for implementation?
  • What methods can be applied the most expediently?
  • In the case of success, what are the expected results (who or what benefits from the development)?
The usability of an application is evaluated by answering the following questions:
  • Who can receive the grant?
  • How long needs the result of the project be sustained?
  • What is the own contribution rate that the programme requires?
  • Is it necessary to furnish, and if yes, what securities?
  • What is the funding intensity?
  • Can negative equity capital, loss-making operations be taken as causes of exclusion?
  • What is the regulatory background of the grant scheme?
  • What are the VAT rules that are applicable to the applicant?
  • What appendices are required for the grant application?
  • What is the deadline of the submission of the grant application?
Calls for applications and guides are often difficult to understand and excessively long, and consequently the inexperienced eye becomes lost in the descriptions of 70–100 pages. The Daily Grant Scheme Notice presents the major programme calls to businesses in a simplified manner by primarily responding to the questions of “who, for what, how much and when?”. Obviously, these summaries are followed by the extensive grant scheme guides.

With annual subscription, advantages ensured by membership in the Grant Programme Club

  • You can have access to our grant programme information materials compiled for internal use, as well as preparative and guiding documents not published anywhere else.
  • When the grant application writing service is ordered, the subscription fee is fully set off against OPTEN Informatikai Kft’s grant application writing fee.
  • We offer free personal/telephone/correspondence grant application counselling.

Elaboration of grant applications

  • Elaboration, submission of the grant application in line with the professional and formal requirements set forth in the programme guide.
  • Keeping contacts with the competent authorities.
  • Assistance to the conclusion of the grant agreement.
In the light of the nature of the given grant scheme, we work in close cooperation with our clients to examine the most effective and efficient way of aligning the planned project with the details of the call for applications from all aspects. We obtain complementary information as necessary, towards the compliance of the grant application and guaranteed success. We compare potential applicants and the conditions of the application with the parameters of the company/organization wishing to participate, and then review the sources of funding. A schedule is set up to define the scopes of responsibilities for our company and the client alongside the deadlines assigned to the individual tasks, and the application is elaborated.

The preparation of the application – by exercising sufficient diligence and precision – calls for experience-based professional, financial and stylistic skills, knowledge. All our specialized grant application writers are in possession of the abilities and knowledge that are indispensable for the compilation of successful applications.

In association with our grant application writing activities, we are commended by a number of professional organizations with which we have forged mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the years. Beside Hungarian micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, our clientele extends to multinational companies, as well.

Funding drawdown service

Professional support to the implementation of the project

The evaluation of applications often takes three or four months in Hungary, or five or six months in the European Union. Our company assists its partners even after the grant award. Such supported activities include:
  • Counselling in relation to the documentation and accounting obligations of the awarded applicants.
  • Assistance to the drawdown of the furnished amounts as soon as possible.
  • Contribution to onsite inspections.
  • Control of invoices, other accounting records.
  • Preparation of the Simplified Project Progress Report (EPEJ).
  • Preparation of the Project Progress Report (PEJ).
  • Preparation of the Final Project Progress Report (ZPEJ).
  • Other documentation services, e.g.: Preparation of applications for amendment.
  • Preparation of the maintenance report.

Our current application programmes

Further information, free counselling

Some useful information towards a successful application!

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