Marketing list

A fundamental source of the success of advertisement campaigns and direct marketing actions is the selection of the appropriate target group and a quality database.

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Cégjegyzék, cégadatok, cégkereső
For company managers, addressed labels, circulars can be generated from the marketing list, and then delivered in printed or electronic forms.

The below-listed criteria of sorting are the ones that are the most commonly demanded by our customers, and in addition other requested criteria are also entered in the queries.

Sorting criteria:
  • sales revenue category
  • profit/loss
  • balance sheet total and its changes
  • registered capital
  • year of foundation
  • headcount category
  • county
  • legal form
  • nationality of the owners
  • registered address
  • core activity (under sectoral classification of TEÁOR)
Data accessible in relation to the companies:
  • company name
  • address of the company
  • phone number
  • authorized signatory (contact person)
  • sales revenue category
  • headcount category
  • core activity
  • nationality of the owners
The price of the list is determined in view of the number of records and the demanded volume of data.
Minimum price: HUF 20,000 + VAT.
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