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Almost 30 years ago, a young physicist, Tamás Tóth, thought that the idiom ‘Knowledge is power’ also applies to the economy. He believed that with problem resolution, expertise, persistence and continuous development, he would be able to create a system that collects information in a structured, transparent way, giving companies knowledge that may afford them significant competitive advantages if they recognise its significance and are able to use it.

In the beginning, Tóth developed process optimisation programs for a large public company. While he was working on these, he realised that they might be effective in other areas as well. Therefore, immediately after the regime change, he formed his own company with his wife.

He developed an electricity cost optimising program (which gave Opten its name) for large companies for a success fee. He analysed how much electricity they use and when and optimised their contracts. He received an idea at a meeting, and he gave it serious consideration. His partner told him that they would be interested in some kind of company rating service which follows companies and alerts if there is a problem somewhere. Tóth enthusiastically developed a software and begun collecting data. This led to our insolvency alert service, which led to Opten, founded on 28 December 1994.

This is how Opten started, which carries on successfully to this day. Our mission has remained the same since the beginning - on the basis of company data we build essential complex support systems for our partners in the areas of risk analysis, marketing, sales and business strategy. We analyse, visualise and automatise. We support thousands of business partners, ranging from the smallest to the largest, with accurate, updated, comprehensive data bases. Today, the whole Hungarian financial sector uses our “Contacts Network” ("Kapcsolati Háló" in Hungarian) service for risk analysis.

For three decades, we have been keeping up with the times, demands and technology. Every day we work hard to be ahead of the times and to be the shapers of our times. There is only one direction for us: our mission and our passion.

This is the only thing that has not changed since the beginning. We are proud to have become market leaders*, overtaking our international competitors with 100% Hungarian ownership. Since 2012, our business has received the Business Superbrands prize every single year. Thanks to our experience and our developments in response to customers’ demands and our innovations, we have become unavoidable players in the company data market. Thousands use our services every day.

We recommend our packages and our stand alone service to those...
  • Who want to make fact-based strategic decisions
  • Who check out their business partners on a daily basis
  • Who want to have a clear picture of their partners’ situation
  • Who, as risk managers, need accurate information prior to lending
  • Who want to use professional marketing lists for sales

Join us on the road to development. For no regrets! OPTEN. Knowledge is a trusted partner.


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  • Hungarian Bar Association
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* Information about the use of „market leader” can be found at https://www.opten.hu/az-opten-kft-magyarorszag-piacvezeto-ceginformacios-szolgaltatoja
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