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Company Database Mobile company information application

Company Database Mobile company information application

Find data of all business organizations in Hungary in one place, in Opten's free company information mobile application!

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Our company information service offers you a practical solution,
  • if you want to minimize the risk of your business decisions,
  • if you wish to receive quick information and an overview of the particular company before the negotiation,
  • if, in addition to the principal activity data, you also want to know how the company is judged based on an objective survey.

Opten Kft. presents: Free Company Database Mobile company information application
  • Transparent structure
  • Clear graphics
  • Fast and stable operation

A comprehensive, reliable company information database, accessible for every player in the business, from anywhere and quickly.
  • Free company data (Company Database Light)
  • Official company history
  • Comprehensive company analysis
  • Extract from the register
  • Timeline
  • Contacts Network
  • Contact form

Access to a complete, continuously updated information database of the nearly 570,000 companies operating in Hungary from a mobile device.

The best solution for you and your colleagues when you need an instant, fast company information service without having to use a desktop computer!
The mobile content of the Company Database is identical to that of the Company Database Online.

If you log on to the application with your customary user name, you will have access to the usual data content and most of the features of the online interface. You can search in the data of all the partnerships registered in Hungary and verify the Extract from the register, History, Contacts Network, Company Analysis, Annual Report Data (Balance Sheet Database) and Timeline of any specific company at any time.


you can view the effective basic data of all operating (almost 570,000) Hungarian companies under the Company Database Light Mobile menu item, which is part of the application.

Download it for free NOW and make sure that Company Database Mobile is your real business companion in the day-to-day business life.

Available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
All the data of nearly 570,000 companies operating in Hungary in your pocket. That is Company Database Mobile.

Download our Company Database Mobile application for iOS or Android for free.

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