OPTEN – Contacts Network module

It offers a transparent, graphic presentation of background information to help understand risks surfacing in relation to the intertwining of Hungarian companies.

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The module uses transparent charts to demonstrate the business histories of the owners and managers of the given Hungarian company, as well as the debts of any associated company, the related level of risks.

Click here to view a sample company: OPTEN – Contacts Network sample (This sample report is available only in Hungarian.)

With the use of the service, the following information becomes accessible:
  • List of companies associated with the given private person in the Associated Companies module.
  • Their graphic presentation in the OPTEN – Contacts Network.
  • Relationships of all the owners and managers (including private persons) of the given company with other companies.
Beyond the foregoing, this service enables the user to display other relationships and data in the system, and therefore review them together at a single place – as depending on the user demands – on order to evaluate the characteristics of the examined company more quickly.
Most common demands:
  • Designation of the letter code of the risk rating
  • Sales revenues, profit
  • Headcount of employees
Furthermore, certain data originating from the user’s own database can as well be uploaded, without the public disclosure of such information, with reliance on our internal system.

Most frequent additions in relation to a specific Hungarian company:
  • Whether it has ever been a customer of the user
  • Whether it is a key account of the user
  • Whether it has any outstanding invoiced payable to the user

Module available for the OPTEN – Contacts Network against a separate fee

OPTEN – Address Contacts Network
There are plenty of entrepreneurs who try to conceal their pasts by officially delegating the management and "ownership" of the their companies, still the registered seats and business sites can be indicative even in these cases.
Companies, private entrepreneurs and private persons that/who can be associated with each other in view of the addresses are shown in the OPTEN – Contacts Network. Besides, risky and highly frequented addresses are pinpointed, such as registered office service providers, homeless hostels and industrial parks.

Time Status
The unique time status feature of Opten - Contacts Network allows you to examine the ‘past’ and ‘changes’ more extensively and in a more user-friendly way than ever by providing time-based analysis of the contacts network and a large number of optional company data on the graphical Contacts Network interface.
With Opten - Contacts Network Time Status, the Opten - Contacts Network can be reviewed retroactively at any past time status back to 19 January 2010. The contacts network of the company under investigation, the owner of the company, the persons authorised to sign on behalf of the company and the associated companies also appear according to the selected time status, but the colouring of the contacts network is also regulated by the procedures and other events corresponding to the moment of the time status.

By using this feature, the data of Opten - Contacts Network Additional Customer Information is also displayed according to their time status. The Additional customer company information selectable with the configurable time status are as follows:
  • risk rating
  • headcount of employees
  • commercial credit line
  • net sales revenue
  • balance sheet profit
  • net profit
  • equity capital
  • bank logo


The free Opten CégTár mobile application has been renewed.

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