OPTEN – Timeline module

The OPTEN – Timeline module is a specific service where a graphic interface allows the overview of changes in the background of even the most complex companies.

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Céginformációs adatbázis II., céglista
Has it ever happened to you that you were to make a prompt decision in relation to a Hungarian company, or your partner's corporate history was so complex that it would have taken hours to gather all the important information?

With the use of the OPTEN – Timeline service designed to make up an existing gap in the Hungarian corporate information market, the user needs just a click of a button to display changes in corporate data, positive and negative information or the ownership details of the queried company – all in time sequence. On the other hand, the graphic display of financial data helps those users in surveying the financial standing of the given company who do not have time to scrutinize and analyze the company's history, or would become lost in the multitude of figures.

The so-called technical disclosures – i.e. where no actual changes have occurred, still form subsections in the Hungarian company history – are separately processed, and therefore the user will indeed see only the important and relevant data.

The service interface is easy to handle, and due to its locations and colouring the displayed information is transparent and easily comprehensible.


The free Opten CégTár mobile application has been renewed.

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