Development of export support IT service at OPTEN Informatikai Kft.

Name of the Beneficiary: OPTEN Informatikai Kft.
Project title: ‘Development of export support IT service at OPTEN Informatikai Kft.’
Total cost of Project: HUF 386,151,796
Amount of subsidy for the Project: HUF 167,674,779
Extent of subsidy:  43,42 %
Planned physical project completion date – 31 December 2021
Number of contract: 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00036

Press Release – 21 February 2019

OPTEN Informatikai Kft. has received a non-refundable grant of HUF 167,674,779 within the framework of the 2018-1.1.2-KFI construction for the implementation of the project titled “Development of an export support IT service in Opten Informatikai Kft”.
The detailed exploration of their potential market is important for the competitiveness of companies and institutions, with special regard to the opportunities beyond the domestic market (which is narrow in comparison to the EU market).
Expanding markets internationally allows companies to operate more efficiently with their higher revenues. Expanding potential markets internationally makes it possible for projects based on good ideas not to get lost simply because the market opportunity projected for the domestic market would not be sufficient to operate profitably. In many cases, a positive business plan can be drawn up if supplemented with foreign markets.  Involving international markets poses a challenge for companies which many of them cannot meet. In several cases, language barriers, lack of business information and business contacts, or even the differences in the legal environment, are an insurmountable barrier to entry into the foreign market.
In order to solve these problems, our goal is to develop an export support service which, by integrating domestic and foreign company databases, helps to explore the export opportunities of domestic companies, shows the export maturity of companies and ensures the optimal selection of partners in the particular target market and target country. In order to accomplish this, based on the examination and analysis of current company information we survey and analyse the currently functioning export relations, their extent and volume. By step-wise linking of foreign company databases, we extend the analysis to most EU countries as well as to countries determinant in world economy. In the course of the analysis we use various mathematical statistical methods (e.g. decision tree model, logistic regression model, etc.) to predict when the background of a company enables it for export.

Thuswise, the economy risks of entering  the foreign market can be minimized, so that the benefits of the project are realized  not only at the user level but also at the national and international level.

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