Business decision support
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Company Database

Did you know that there are nearly 520,000 companies, 420,000 individual entrepreneurs, 140,000 other organizations and 1,7 million owners and managers in the Hungarian economy
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Company Database basic service

All important information about Hungarian companies from the official company register data of the Company Bulletin, supplemented by documents by the Ministry of Justice.

OPTEN – Contacts Network module

It offers a transparent, graphic presentation of background information to help understand risks surfacing in relation to the intertwining of Hungarian companies.

Contacts Map

The Contacts Map is an interactive graphical analysis tool which is capable of fully exploring company contact chains and displaying them on one screen.
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Report function with optional data content

Contains summary data of the business entity under review, with extensions such as risk rating, risk index, commercial credit line and ultimate owner.
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Balance Sheet Database

It includes those annual financial reports of business associations that have been submitted to the Ministry of Justice (IM) since 1998 until this date.
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Company Analysis

An easy-to-use system that combines a full-scale corporate information background database and the calculations of an economic model considering sectoral specialties.
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Company Comparison

Company Comparison is a special company report where you can compare data from two randomly selected companies.
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Benchmarking report

The Benchmarking report allows you to compare your own performance or that of your partner company, or their trend against any reference group.
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Foreign company information

You can get valuable information for your business decisions about companies registered in different countries of the world.

Company Control Services

You can easily check if there are any claims or insolvency proceedings against a business organization in the system.
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Transfer price module

The application of transfer prices has an impact on companies’ earnings and tax payments. This provides assistance for associated undertakings and transfer price experts.
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