Company Analysis

An easy-to-use system that combines a full-scale corporate information background database and the calculations of an economic model considering sectoral specialties.

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Whenever more complex knowledge is needed of any enterprise beyond the corporate particulars and stakeholders, Company Analysis offers an easy-to-understand format for the fundamental positive and negative information pertaining to the given Hungarian company, and therefore the use of this option minimizes business risks. Even without specialist qualification, it quickly supplies objective and optimal documentation for the support of decision-making by specifying the proposed commercial credit limit and the company's risk rating, as well as comparing the information to that of the other actors of the sector in question.

The analysis starts with the contact details of the Hungarian enterprise, and then the basic evaluation covers the positive  (ISO rating, EU grant award, tax-payer without public dues in arrears or with proper rating, preferred in any public procurement, etc.) information that may modify the judgment of the company under review. It is also indicated if the Hungarian company has any associated entity. In this case, it is reasonable to rely on the OPTEN - Contacts Network service to specifically reveal these associated entities and their own risks.

It is followed by annually changing financial and daily updated company registration data, as well as risk rating. In this latter context, other events statistically forecasting insolvency, as well as mathematical and statistical methods are used to calculate the probability of the given Hungarian company to become subject to insolvency proceedings within one year (scoring model). As a result, domestic companies are classified in 5 different (A, B, AVG, C, D) risk categories:
  • In Category "A” and "B”, the company's operations are well-balanced, the risk of insolvency is under the average.
  • In the case of category „AVG” the company’s risk of insolvency is average. You can find more information in the Company Analysis, OPTEN - Balance Sheet Database and Contact Network services related to the management, financial indicators and owner circle of the specific company.
  • For Category "C", it is recommended to reveal and clarify issues associated with the business operations, financial indicators, owners of the given company with reliance on the information provided by Company Analysis and OPTEN - Contacts Network
  • Category "D" calls for special attention, because on the basis of the available information the given company is struggling with payment difficulties, or the risk of such difficulties is over the average, or the enterprise has just been founded.
The analysis pertaining to the company under review lists the payables found in the EOKR system and other negative information (for instance, suspended or canceled tax number, presence in two types of NAV debtor lists, employer having been involved in the violation of labour law, etc.), and demonstrates changes in net sales and profit before taxes retrospectively for 10 years.

The market share calculator quantifies the market share of the examined Hungarian company with respect to its core activity, in a breakdown for the industry, sector and specialized sector, in national, county-/Budapest-based comparison. On the other hand, the chart of the corporate environment study shows for years retrospectively what percent of the enterprises in the sector of the examined company's core activity, as well as in the county/Budapest where it is seated, has become subject to insolvency proceedings, i.e. what risks of bankruptcy can be predicted in the given industry or region.

The Company Analysis discloses information in relation to the business entity's motor vehicle fleet, its export relations, and draws up a chart in connection with the changes in the headcount of employees for five years preceding the date of the inquiry. This service sets the key 16 financial indicators of the Hungarian company under review against the corresponding values of domestic enterprises involved in the same activities in Hungary, and presents the results in a graph. It clearly reflects the position of the given company in the industry/specialized sector.

Upon request, the online Company Analysis can be completed with offline data collection by means of telephone inquiries.


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