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Conversion table of the new Civil Code

With this program, you can find the former rules under civil law in the new Civil Code, or go back to the antecedents of the provisions of the new Civil Code. This converter indicates the logical relation in between the two provisions. The provisions have been analyzed down to the level of paragraphs. This product is also available in book format from OPTEN Kft., while for our OptiJUS subscribers the interrelations of legal regulations are visible in the system in the form of footnotes, as well. These footnotes can be displayed with the use of the icons inserted into the texts of the legal regulations in question.

First you need to choose the legal regulation you're looking for from the search window. If we select the new Civil code, we convert it “back”. In this case the book and section number of the new Civil Code in the “searched paragraph” field  must be given separated by a colon, without any spaces, for example: 2:23 (Second book, 23. §). For other legal regulations only the number is needed to be given without the § sign.

Attention! Search results are available only in Hungarian.

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