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There are several signs indicating that the operation of a business organization or an individual entrepreneur is going in the wrong direction. If we become aware of these in a timely manner, then we can respond and prepare to prevent or avert the consequences. By using the Automatic Partner Monitoring Service (APAFI) on a daily basis, our customers can monitor the activities of their partners or even competitors. We constantly monitor the companies designated by the user and if there is a change in their operations which could affect the business relations, we will notify you.

Being easily comprehensible even for users without any qualification on economics, this system amalgamates a full-scale corporate information background database and the calculations of an economic model considering sectoral specialties. Therefore, this service is in fact an easy-to-handle and quick solution to minimize business risks.

The OPTEN – Timeline module is a specific service where a graphic interface allows the overview of changes in the background of even the most complex companies in just a matter of seconds.

The OPTEN – Contacts Network service offers a transparent, graphic presentation of background information that is particularly helpful in the Hungarian economy towards understanding risks surfacing in relation to the intertwining of companies and exploiting sales potentials in company groups revealed by personal corporate relations.