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With the help of the contact data form you can easily view the contact data information of your potential customers and suppliers.

Our system makes all the official company registration data of all the Hungarian companies as published in the Company Bulletin [Cégközlöny] accessible (already deleted data included), with the addition of data and information not published in the Company Bulletin, but provided to us by the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, notices not accessible in the company registry, communications and financial data that often carry important information and basic data of private entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and budgetary institutions can also be found here.

The Marketing module is an appropriate background for those who are in quest of new customers or suppliers, and want to perform sorting runs on the basis of complex sets of criteria.

Professional products or service systems still tend to be less valuable than developments that are fully tailor-made to the demands of any given user. Whether it is a credit rating system for a bank or the scoring model of a large business, our company has earned extensive experience in the development of systems that are suitable for satisfying special demands flexibly in the long run.

It is a simple and quick, customizable marketing list. Make your own selection of (operating with tax number in force) business associations registered in Hungary, and compile a list of suitable companies with the use of eleven available conditions. In our system, the prepared list will be readily available for purchasing. In addition to the contact details, there are a number of complementary options serving your convenience.

A fundamental source of the success of advertisement campaigns and direct marketing actions is the selection of the appropriate target group.

Services facilitating the making of important decisions in the field of marketing.

Created by the Ministry of Justice (IM), the National Company Registration and Corporate Information System (OCCR) makes all the public corporate data of all the business associations registered or being under registration in Hungary accessible.

There are several signs indicating that the operation of a business organization or an individual entrepreneur is going in the wrong direction. If we become aware of these in a timely manner, then we can respond and prepare to prevent or avert the consequences. By using the Automatic Partner Monitoring Service (APAFI) on a daily basis, our customers can monitor the activities of their partners or even competitors. We constantly monitor the companies designated by the user and if there is a change in their operations which could affect the business relations, we will notify you.

Purpose of the establishment of the Single Online Receivables Management System and Company Control Services: to enhance the financial safety of users, mitigate circular debts, chain debts that have accumulated in the economy, put an end to the increase of the volume of liabilities, identify those market actors that are insolvent for their own fault or by misfortune.

The Balance Sheet Database includes those annual financial reports of business associations that have been submitted to the Ministry of Justice (IM) since 1998 until this date.

Did you know that nearly 520,000 companies, 420,000 individual entrepreneurs, 140,000 other organizations and 1,700,000 owners and managers function in the Hungarian economy? Daily use of Company Database service is essential for those who need to access one's company-, financial- and workforce data in one place for discovery of a new business partner or even for a background system of control processes.