You can gain immediate insight into the payment morality of existing and potential customers, and you can quickly and conveniently report your own non-paying customers.

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The economic impact of the COVID-19 virus has greatly changed the practices of Hungarian credit managers regarding customer lending. Previously, their decisions placed great emphasis on historical company and balance sheet analysis, which unfortunately can no longer be considered sufficient information today. Subjective arguments in favor of sales and commercial risk have put Hungarian decision-makers in a difficult situation. That's why we developed the Opten PayCheck payment habit-sharing system.

How does it work?

You can report your customers individually on the PayCheck platform in a few seconds or choose bulk upload.

The process:
  • Reporting the debtor
  • E-mail notification to the debtor
  • The debtor has 5 days to discuss the claim in writing to avoid the claim being uploaded in case of a possible clear technical error
  • On the 6th day, the receivable is visible in the PayCheck system
  • From the day of upload, the openness of the claim must be confirmed at least every 21 days, with a maximum of an additional 72 hours available

Join the Opten PayCheck system now and reduce your receivables! Learn more about your new and existing customers!

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