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Report function with optional data content

Report function with optional data content

Contains summary data of the business entity under review, with extensions such as risk rating, risk index, commercial credit line and ultimate owner.

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The data content available as part of the Company Database basic service are as follows:
  • basic information (company name, principal activity, tax number, trade registration number, company seat)
  • data of persons authorised to undersign on behalf of the company
  • data of the owners
  • financial module (data on the most important 16 balance sheet and income statements within the last five years, as well as the development of four calculated financial indicators)
  • employment data for the past 5 years
  • construction projects (number of active construction projects, list of active roles)

The scopes of data which can separately be ordered for the report optionally in a modular form are as follows:
Risk Rating
Using financial, trade registration and other officially published data, we calculate the probability of the company concerned of falling under an insolvency procedure within a year using professional methods (the scoring model).  As a result, Hungarian companies are classified into 5 different risk categories (A, B, AVG, C, D):
  • In the case of a rating into categories ‘A’ and ‘B’, the operation of the company is balanced and the risk of insolvency is below average.
  • In the case of category „AVG” the company’s risk of insolvency is average. You can find more information in the Company Analysis, OPTEN - Balance Sheet Database and Contact Network services related to the management, financial indicators and owner circle of the specific company.
  • In the case of category ‘C’, we recommend to perform the Company Analysis and to reveal and clarify the issues in relation to the management, financial indicators and owner circle of the specific company in the Opten - Contacts Network information.
  • In the case of category ‘D’, we recommend special attention, since based on the information available the specific company is either already experiencing payment difficulties or has an above-average risk or may be newly established.

Risk Index
The risk index is an indicator which is proportional to the probability of insolvency and describes the probability of the company falling under an insolvency procedure on a scale of 1 to 100. The index can predict the insolvency of a company with high reliability based on hundreds of parameters. The lower the value of the indicator, the more reliable the characterized company is and the less likely it is to fall under insolvency proceedings.

Commercial Credit Line
The amount proposed here quantifies the permissible commitment of the company under investigation, even without any security, taking into consideration the financial indicators of the company and the financing characteristics in the sector.

Stable employer index
The stable employer index shows the reliability of the operation of enterprises by focusing on the employees. The purpose of the index is to motivate the employer and at the same time strengthen the position of enterprises in the labor market.

Export capacity index
The export capacity index shows on a scale of 1 to 100 the probability that a corporate enterprise will become an exporting company.

Ownership ratio module
Information, such as ownership ratio or degree of owners’ votes, collected by Opten from official company documents. Most of this information is not published in the Company Bulletin and is only available to subscribers to the module.

Private limited company owner’s module
The disclosure of private limited company owners is not required by law, so the Trade registration only rarely comprises this information. However, owing to Opten Kft’s own collection, the ownership structure of private limited liability companies can also be mapped.

Ultimate owner
The ultimate owners are the individuals and organizations at the very top of the corporate structure behind the companies and have a decisive influence on the operation of the company group. The ultimate owner module of Opten also explores the most complex company structures and lists the ultimate owners behind the companies under review in a simple, transparent manner. Knowledge of the ultimate owners can be a key factor in defining contract terms.
By means of Opten - Ultimate Owner module business processes can be made more efficient, since:
  • Companies often form groups with hundreds of organizations
  • The ultimate owners are linked to the company under investigation even through a chain of ownership of up to 8 to 10 members or parallel ownership chains.
  • Foreign influence is also explored
  • By means of the officially published and self-collected influence data, the level of influence calculated for the ultimate owner is also explored
  • Private limited company ownership data and influence levels not published by the Registry Court also complement the exploration of the company structure
  • The ultimate owners can also be viewed in the private individual and company ‘views’
  • The transparent list format helps the user even if inspecting the complete graphical contacts network took hours to due to the complexity of the company group

Indirect ownership influence
The Indirect Ownership Influence module is a private individual-focused analysis which allows you to list the companies which the private individual in question owns directly and indirectly. The service allows you to display the ownership interests of private individuals in a simple, transparent manner, even for the most complex ownership chains.

Complex ownership chains are common in the Hungarian corporate world, even indirect ownership structures extending up to 8-10 companies can be experienced. The indirect ownership module is thus a great help in mapping the entire (ownership) interest of private individuals.
The add-on module is an effective complement to other company information services from both risk management and enterprise-focused business development sides.
The important data of the sphere of interest can also be listed using this module:
  • The name, address, and link of the contacts network of the undertaking in the interest of the private individual
  • The status of the undertaking
  • The sales revenue of the undertaking
  • The level of influence
  • The length of the owner chain

Cluster module

This is a company cluster generated based on Opten’s own business logic. Opten’s company cluster generating algorithm collects the companies among which contact can discerned using published official data and information collected from other company records.
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