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Individual services

Individual services

Whether it is a credit rating system or a scoring model, our company has great experience in the development of systems that are suitable for satisfying special demands.

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Sales support

The customized software designed to support the entire sales process together with the information sheet of specifically selected data, call recording, process tracking can be a perfectly efficient background information system of the marketing and sales areas. Process tracking will be simple and transparent from the selection and sorting of the target group through the first contacts and ordering to invoicing. Our professional advisors can efficiently support the customization procedure in order to create the most profitable system for the user.

The analysis of the clientele, the classification of  typical customers, the definition of target groups , and consequently the utmost exploitation of market opportunities are fundamental demands of all development-oriented market actors. For sectoral analyses, data breakdowns for sales or regions, our system offers easy-to-obtain, valuable information.


Hungarian database of business associations

Historically since 1989, the database includes all the effective and canceled data of all the existing and dissolved Hungarian business associations that have been registered in Hungary. Constituents of the this weekly updated information package being much broader than the set of data published by the Company Bulletin are the effective dates – or alternatively cancellation dates – of data, with the designation of the subheader code and source.

Although the database relies on the official source of the Ministry of Justice, there may be problems to be corrected (such as incorrect or missing tax numbers, missing company registration numbers, misspelt names, etc.). Our company consistently rectifies and adjusts the deficiencies, errors that occur so that you can safely perform the multi-criteria segmentation, sorting and analysis of the data even for marketing or risk management purposes.

The information package makes the detailed descriptions pertaining to the procedural information of business associations registered in Hungary and budgetary organizations available.

Financial Reports database

The core of the database compiled by OPTEN Kft. with a standardized format is constituted by the Hungarian companies' financial reports (balance sheet and profit & loss account figures) having been officially purchased from the Ministry of Justice for years. Since 2002, this system, which is efficiently used by a number of banks in Hungary, has been covering the entire scope of financial reporting.

Receivables database

The consistently updated receivables record-keeping database involves information that companies are normally reluctant to disclose to competitors or partners.

For easy handling and structured search options, enterprises, budgetary and non-profit organizations are classified by the system into two distinct categories: business against which there are "outstanding receivables", and that are subject to "disputed receivables". In both cases, users can become familiarized with the gross amount of receivables against the debtor, the date of the issuance of the invoice and the payment term, as well as the observations of the debtor in relation to disputed receivables. Nevertheless, the details of the creditor and the date of payment are not accessible.

Receivables data supplied by the users are entered in the system in a controlled manner. This service is made comprehensive by the liquidation and bankruptcy data officially published by the Company Bulletin, as well as the collected receivables information and details of judicial enforcement proceedings.

Hungarian database of private entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and budgetary institutions

The three, monthly updated databases indicates the registration and termination dates of the given organizations or enterprises, their core activities,  as well as their sales revenues (with the exception of budgetary institutions) and headcount category data starting from 2004.

Database consolidation

There is no large company that would not face problems caused by the inaccuracy, obsolescence of the data in its customer database, or customer identification. In this field, a helpful solution is the data screening process that is made uniquely effective by the experience of OPTEN Kft's associates earned in more than a decade, as well as the highly-standard demand for the creative satisfaction of individual needs.

A market demand to be seriously considered was to link the data produced and used by various companies to the databases of our company. Our subsequent developments fully complied with this need.

Today, the data of the organizations, enterprises included in the databases can be simply and safely linked with the use of standardized and unique identifying details that have been established in all the databases for every element. As a result, the databases can be handled as a single comprehensive data set for all its benefits.

This approach allows the multi-criteria segmentation, sorting and analysis of the data even for risk management or marketing purposes.

To complete proprietary forms, documents, invoices, a useful help is the individually designed, automated data entry system deriving information from the background database.

The automated internal processes of companies are facilitated by today’s increasingly wide-spread SOAP communication solution, whose flexibility and quickness support efficient work processes with a well-constructed, easy-to-handle data structure. With our experts' help, our company information database is available in any standard format besides the transmisson channel designed to fit your specific needs.

Individual company reports, qualifications

We undertake to prepare special company reports, company ratings even in large volumes with such data to be included from OPTEN Kft's available database that are demanded by the given customer, in the required form. If needed we also undertake to contact the companies to be qualified and collect and structure their relevant data for the reports.

Forecasting models

It often occurs in business that the extraction of a concluding or forecasting information from a historical database containing countless data that dates back to years requires a strong data mining expertise.

Experts with decades of experience of OPTEN Ltd. perform the segmentation of databases and the forecast, estimation of various future company information events using the most modern data mining tools. With these tools that are optimized to the Hungarian environment, there is an opportunity to produce targeted marketing lists or estimate specific events and data.


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