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Did you know that there are nearly 520,000 companies, 420,000 individual entrepreneurs, 140,000 other organizations and 1,7 million owners and managers in the Hungarian economy?

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In today's economic climate whether it's about contacting your existing partners, or managing arising questions and issues while developing cooperative agreements with suppliers or potential clients, it is essential to learn about their basic company data and economic environment. Who does not want to check the authorized representative, registered seat or bank account number of a given Hungarian company in the shortest possible time to avoid further problems as well as litigation?

In our broad service portfolio of Company Database you may find the sutiable supportive tools neccesary in operating your business in a safe and successful way.
The Company Database basic service makes all the official company registration data of all the Hungarian companies as published in the Company Bulletin [Cégközlöny] accessible, with the addition of deleted data and also numerous information not accessible in the company registry that often carry importance. As depending on the given authorities, the collected details of the owners of private limited companies by shares and the gathered property share data are also available.

The OPTEN – Contacts Network service offers a transparent, graphic presentation of background information that is particularly helpful in the Hungarian economy towards understanding risks surfacing in relation to the intertwining of companies and exploiting sales potentials in company groups revealed by personal corporate relations.

The OPTEN – Timeline module is a specific service where a graphic interface allows the overview of changes in the background of even the most complex companies in just a matter of seconds.

With the help of the Contact data form you can find the telephone number, the fax number, the E-mail address and the webpage of the selected Hungarian company.

The Marketing module is an appropriate background for those who are in quest of new customers or suppliers, and want to perform sorting runs on the basis of complex sets of criteria.

The free Opten CégTár mobile application has been renewed.

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