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Benchmarking report

Benchmarking report

The Benchmarking report allows you to compare your own performance or that of your partner company, or their trend against any reference group.

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Business is a continuous competition and knowledge of the track and competitors is essential for successful competition. By means of the Benchmarking report, you can identify the strengths/weaknesses of your partners/competitors and, of course, the development potential for your own business, as well.

What business functions does the service support?
  • Cumulative screening of competitors/reference group
  • Identification of development potential and setting business goals
  • Comparison of a focus firm to any reference group
  • Identification of trends
  • Identification of strengths/weaknesses of competitors
  • Making and measuring a business plan
  • Comparison of Supplier/Partners
  • Examination of the trend indicators of business partners
  • Support of pricing activities

Which dimensions does the report examine?
Sales revenue proportionate profit
Sales revenue proportionate added value
Headcount proportionate sales revenue
Liquidity test ratio
Liquidity acid test ratio
Net working capital ratio
Turnover time of current liabilities                                                     
Turnover time of receivables
Turnover time of stocks
Fixed assets coverage
Debt repayment time

What format does the analysis take?

The report supports business decisions with graphical and tabular output for each of the 12 indices, and provides textual support for the analyses based on values from the professional literature.

In addition to the web format, the results can also be exported to .xls format.

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