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APAFI - Automatic Partner Monitoring System

APAFI - Automatic Partner Monitoring System

There can be various indications when the operations of a business entity or private entrepreneur take an unwanted course. If we are informed on time, then we can react, and become prepared for the anticipation or prevention of the consequences. By relying on the Automatic Partner Monitoring Service (APAFI) in day-to-day routine, our customers can follow and track the operations of partners or even competitors. We continuously monitor the companies designated by the user, and in case there is any change in their operations that may affect business relations, notification is provided.

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Basic system for proceedings monitoring
The system performs the automated, weekly monitoring of the partners specified by the user on the basis of their tax numbers or company registration number, with respect to their potentially becoming subject to proceedings that result in their dissolution, and informs our customers accordingly via e-mail. The partners undergoing such proceedings can be viewed after logging in the online interface, under the menu item of Search for partners under proceedings.

The following modules can be added to this service:

Company Monitoring Extra module
On the basis of the partner list supplied by the customer, this service has the function to monitor changes in the corporate data and information of the given Hungarian company (with the exception enforcement proceedings and notices – in view of the modification of the provisions of articles of incorporation), and inform the customer accordingly in the form of any e-mail including specific data.

Debtor module
This service facility considers the following criteria to monitor the user’s partners, and informs the customers in details, with the disclosure of specific data via e-mail, on a daily basis.

Negative information
  • Subject to enforcement proceedings (in the company registry and/or NAV website)
  • presence in two types of NAV debtor lists (list of debtors with payables overdue for more than 180 days, list of debtors with payables over HUF 100 million, list of large tax debtors)
  • Recording as a new debtor in OPTEN's Single Receivables Management System
  • Commitment of any violation of the labour law and/or work protection regulations
  • Subject to bankruptcy, liquidation proceedings or forced cancellation
  • Subject to any condemning decision of the Competition Office
  • Suspended / canceled tax number (in the company registry and/or NAV website)
  • Proceedings at the National Consumer Protection Authority (in general consumer protection fine)
Positive information
  • Exclusive taxpayer
  • Taxpayer without arrears in public dues
  • Qualified taxpayer
  • Positive list of the National Consumer Protection Authority (list of enterprises where the Authority has not found any irregularity in three national audit programs, that were not sanctioned in the past one year, or subject to any justified complaint.)
  • Permitted economic operator (positive EU-wide list compiled with respect to the European Union's legislation on community customs regulations. Those enterprises are included in the list that hold customs authority permits, have confirmed their solvency, and observe the relevant safety requirements. If a member state issues such a certificate, it is recognized by the other member states, which will considerably simplify the issuance of permits needed for the activities of the given company in another member state.)
Risk Rating Change Tracking module
In the course of change tracking, the subscriber receives weekly messages in relation to its partners of changed rating, also specifying the former and new categories. Upon uploading the partner list, the subscriber receives the distribution of the risk ratings of its identified customers via e-mail. The ratings of the Hungarian company can be individually displayed under the Own partner list menu item.
Notice module
The user can review the notices and disclosures published in the Company Bulletin in relation to its designated partners. This module can be ordered only with an installed version!
Accelerated Proceedings Monitoring
Today, access to up-to-date information is a principal question, in most cases even minutes count. With the use of this service, information is supplied on an hourly basis in relation to the initiation of electronically published bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, debt relief or property claims settlement.