Big Data
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Company Database

Did you know that there are nearly 520,000 companies, 420,000 individual entrepreneurs, 140,000 other organizations and 1,7 million owners and managers in the Hungarian economy?
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Company Database basic service

All important information about Hungarian companies from the official company register data of the Company Bulletin, supplemented by documents by the Ministry of Justice.
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APAFI - Automatic Partner Monitoring System

There are many signs that an organization’s or an individual entrepreneur’s operation is going in the wrong direction. If we notice in time, we can respond and prepare.
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Company Control Services

You can easily check if there are any claims or insolvency proceedings against a business organization in the system.
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Map2Business service

It is a map-based business information service by means of which various company information can be visualised and analysed projected onto a map.
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4D Business Information Service

It combines business information with the predictive power of data mining models and visualization capabilities of geospatial tools to support business management.
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