Company Database basic service

Our system makes all the official company registration data of all the Hungarian companies as published in the Company Bulletin [Cégközlöny] accessible (already deleted data included), with the addition of data and information not published in the Company Bulletin, but provided to us by the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, notices not accessible in the company registry, communications and financial data that often carry important information and basic data of private entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and budgetary institutions can also be found here.

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Cégadatok, cégkereső, céginfó
Data contents in excess of the company registry:
  • In addition to Hungarian company data, the Financial Module discloses the 16 key balance sheet and profit & loss account figures for more than 400,000 companies in the past five years, alongside four additional, calculated financial indicators.
  • The registered Hungarian corporate information is accompanied by the most recent headcount data.
  • As depending on the given authorities, the collected details of the owners of private companies limited by shares can be displayed, as well.
  • With proper authorities, the gathered property share data are also available.
  • This set of information also includes decisions, resolutions and notices published in the Company Bulletin.
  • The list of companies is completed by the list of private entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, foundations and budgetary institutions, showing the basic data.
In association with any Hungarian company, the certificate of incorporation (momentary status) or the company history showing all the effective and canceled entries can be queried. The lists of companies compiled in view of various aspects can be further sorted with the use of a flexible search system. The lists complying with the given conditions can be exported into external data files.

Sources of our data: Company Bulletin, IM's National Company Registration and Corporate Information System (OCCR), NAV data, Ministry of Justice.

In our online system, the data are updated on several occasions a day, while the changes published in the Company Bulletin are entered several times a week.

The free Opten CégTár mobile application has been renewed.