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Economic impact of the coronavirus

Our latest economic analysis of the effects of coronavirus

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Company information about everyone, for everyone

Our company information services have been developed for your convenience to become familiarized with the economic standing of your prospective customers, monitor the existing partners, as well as minimize your outstanding receivables and business risks.

Company Database

An up-to-date, high-quality company information service for the day-to-day operations of businesses and the foundation for business success.

Contacts Network

The service provides a transparent, graphic representation of the other business interests and history of the owners and managers (companies, natural persons) of the specific company, marking the status of the companies with colour coding.


Our Automatic Partner Monitoring Service enables you to monitor the activities of your partners or competitors.

Market Map

The self-service marketing database. A simply and quickly customisable marketing list.

Foreign company information

This service provides information about companies registered in different countries around the world to help you map the financial situation of your business partner.

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